Ratings has the purpose to not let kids and young people see something that is not suitable for their age and help parents in the moviechoice. In many countries (like the US), the ratings have been made by movie distributors. Since those restrictions has been made, cinemas are obligated to follow those ratings- especially look that younger people will not go and see the movies not allowed. Ignoring the ratings may cause psychological injuries and public dramas/scandals affecting Studio- the cinema and clients will always be the ones suffering.

Showing documents

While checking the ratings, cinema remain the right to see the document of the client as a proof of their age- as well buying the ticket, also while entering the cinema hall. While missing the document and any hesitation, cinema remain the right to not the let the client to cinema hall.

The process of creating ratings

The process of creating ratings is very different in country by country, aswell as the regulation to apply them- this process embrace the movie general topic, the violence, sexual content, drug-using and the usual words what actors are using to express themselves.

In Estonia the ratings have two ways: the warning ratings- more like recommendations and forbidden ratings that are really strict.

Why  we have ratings?

Some cinema visitors may not agree with the ratings and they think they should be able to decide  what to watch or show to their kids. The reasons why we have ratings are as followings:

  • Ratings are made by movie distributors, who has seen the movies and have objective overview of the movie- also they have the idea and knowledge about the ratings in the other countries. Distributors also follow the laws of the Republic of Estonia considering the child protection 48 (2) that is prohibiting to demonstrate the movie that is agitating the violence.
  • Cinema has the social responsibility about the movies to show to new generations- so we also wanna regulate the amount on violence between the groups with high risks.

Everybody still remain the right to see the movies (maybe at home)- it will be in the responsibility of the parents.