Cinamon is located in downtown Tartu, in Tasku Fashion center. Tartu is said to be a “city of good thoughts” so we can offer you really nice ideas for services, special programs and movies J  Yearly we amuse more than 300 000 people with Hollywood blockbusters and European ArtHouse movies – You and Your clients are welcome to enjoy one also!

You can think about Cinamon in case you are planning different kind of:

  • advertising campaign
  • private party /private movie screening
  • release of the new product
  • creative style business meeting
  • Christmas party
  • Award gala
  • Trainings

The experience is way more than just a movie.  Feel free to ask extra information from

Cinema experience as a gift!

Make your employees and clients to love you!

Movies give a variety of choice for everyone- funny comedy to make a day look brighter,  scary horror-movie for the excitement or lovely animation for the family time.  The suitability for all makes cinema gift-card (cinema experience) always nice an waited gift.  Our 5 and 10 euros gift-cards are available to be redeemed into tickets or cinema snacks.

For more information and buying in bulk, please let us know via e-mail 

Event in a big moviehall- like a hollywood!

All our Cinema halls are equipped with modern audio-video appliances which give the opportunity to make presentations in a nice creative and powerful way which includes:

  • the influence via big screen and powerful sound
  • nice seating and visibility for everyone- the eye contact and personal feeling with the presenter
  • the lights can be used in a flexible and needed way depending the situation
  • creative and entertaining venue for the seminars

The capacity of our cinema halls vary from 90 to 319 seats

For the inquiries, please let us know via e-mail

Advertisment in Cinamon 

Cinema creative and emotional environment can provide lots of nice places for advertising new products and services.

  • the “must see” visibility in big screen (Hollywood style) with cinema sound – at least 90% of people are looking the screen and are excited about the movie
  • the opportunity to choose the target market
  • the opportunity to be creative with the advertising according to movies and fun.

You can use:

  • the clip before the movie
  • digiposter in our lobby screens
  • banners/roll- up in a cinema area
  • stickers on floor
  • popcorn boxes as nice place to introduce product/service
  • presentation / test products for cinema clients
  • ….whatever comes in mind

Write us  and we will come and help you!