The 1st hour in Tasku center parking house (open 24h)  is for free!

Drive in / Drive out:

  • IN: from the senter of Riia and Turu street / and from Soola street (in front of hotel Dorpat)
  • OUT: to Soola street (in front of  hotel Dorpat)
  • to drive in/ drive out to the celler parking lots is both from Soola street

How to park in Tasku parking house?

  • while entering the house you need to collect the parking ticket from the machine on enterance
  • You can pay for parking before going , the paybooths are located in all the floors of the parking house.

Where to pay for parking?

  • Payment machines are located on each parking level (card payments and payments in cash).
  • After paying you will have 15 additional minutes to leave parking house.
  • In Cinema you can not pay for parking.

How much is the parking?

  • The first hour is free and after that, 1 € is charged for each started hour
  • For 24h parking, the cost if 5 euros
  • If You lose parking ticket, the penalty fee is 16 euros

Cinema Cinamon is not responsible any problems in parking

In case of problems please turn to EUROpark. Exta information about parking and parking conditions in Tasku parking house can be find from Europark website

Europark infonr. 6610223 is available 24h.


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