Tickets buying and redeeming

Tickets are available to purchase either via online channels or in cinema. Online purchasing channels are website, application and ticket kiosks (located in cinema area or in shopping malls where cinemas are located).

In cinema it is possible to buy tickets from cashier’s desk where people are served in queue or from self-service ticketing kiosks. Cinema ticket office is open during the working hours of cinema. Working hours are set in cinema´s contact information.

Tickets and concession products can be bought form cashier desk by cash (euros € only), with valid bank or credit card or by using Cinamon giftcards or vouchers. Cashier offers the best seating and client can make the choice. Cinema kindly asks client to check the tickets and money on spot to avoid the mistakes. Clients can buy tickets to the movie until the movie screening has been on up to 30 minutes and exchange them up to 1 hour before the session started (see ticket exchange policy).

Concessions can be bought also from concession self service terminals by using valid bankcard.

While buying any discounted ticket, cinema staff remain the right to ask the document that ensure the discount. Ticket prices relate to the screening you wish to attend, not the day or time when you purchase your ticket.The prices have all taxes included.

Customers may buy tickets from online channels:  website /application/ticket kiosk either logging in or registering their loyalty account or without logging/registering. Ticket discounts and other benefits according to loyalty program are available only when registering / logging in to the loyalty account (see loyalty Cinamon Key terms and condition). Discount types are available for loyalty members, children, students, teens, retired and disabled persons according to cinemas regulations and pricelists. While buying any discounted ticket, cinema staff remain the right to ask the document that ensure the discount. If client has bought discounted ticket without permission, Cinema has the right to ask the client to compensate the difference paid less for the ticket.

In online tickets can be bought via banklinks or using credit card as a payment method.

With one purchase it is possible to buy maximum 10 tickets.

Vouchers/gift cards buying and redeeming


Gift cards and vouchers are buyable from cinema cashiers desk. Amounts and prices may vary. Voucher codes are used for redeeming the tickets in all tickets purchasing channels, client can do it him/herself when entering the valid voucher code in voucher code box in online channel.

It is not possible to use any promotional vouchers or codes or Cinamon  gift cards to book tickets through the Site unless expressly stated otherwise (like campaign with Cinamon third party partners) on the voucher or code

Free ticket vouchers are redeemable in cinema cashiers desk and in web when using the voucher code.


Gift cards can be used for paying tickets and concessions in cinema cashiers desk. Gift cards can be used as cash, however Cinamon does not exchange gift cards to cash.

Gift cards, vouchers are valid for purchasing until the expiry date marked on the coupon.

Giftcards are reusable- until the balance of the giftcard is 0.

If the tickets/bought goods are over the limit of the gift card, the difference in the sum will be paid by the client. If the tickets/bought  goods value is under the value of the gift card, the difference will not be returned in money, however the giftcard is reusable.

Ticket exchange policy

Tickets bought from Cinamon cinema cashiers can be changed to other movie sessions only in the cinema cashiers in spot at least 1 hour before the session time. In case of the difference between the value of the tickets to the changed session, the extra amount will be paid by the client.

The late wishes to change the tickets are not possible to satisfy.

In case You cannot have a printing opportunity or opportunity to show the barcode, please write down the purchase number and ask your tickets in cinema or print out from ticketing kiosk in cinema. Ticket barcodes are accepted in print as well in mobile/tablet screen and as stored in Cinamon App.

Changing online tickets:

Cinamon will not return the money for the bought cinema tickets except the cases when the session is not happening in reasons caused by cinema.

Tickets bought online can be changed via e-mail (needs e-mail with payment proof to tartu@cinamonkino.com) or in cinema cashiers. In case the ticket price for new tickets is bigger than the current one, the change of tickets is only possible in cinema cashiers. Tickets can be changed 1 hour before the session starts, later complaints can not be taken into consideration.

In case of any problems with online tickets (not receiving tickets etc) , please send e-mail to tartu@cinamonkino.com. State the title of the movie as well the screening time,  amount of the payment for your tickets and the bank that you used to make a payment.

Entering cinema hall

All tickets for films shall be checked before entering the cinema hall via automated ticketing gates or manually by the service operator. Ticket is personal and can be used by one person only. Halls are open for entering at least 10 minutes before the film session and it is possible to open gates during the movie duration in case of toilet or concession supply needs. Cinema personnel may request the customer’s ID in case of the screening of a film with age rating and student ID or other documents to prove special ticket prices (children, students, teens, retired, disabled).

In case the movie is in 3D, client should take (if set so, the place where glasses should be taken is marked for clients) or receive 3D glasses to the movie. Please return the glasses after movie if it is not set differently.

In case you feel your 3D glasses do not make any effect, please turn to cinema personnel.

In case of epilepsy, we would rather recommend you regular 2D movies/sessions.

Cinema visitor should follow the general rules of cinema (see General rules of cinema).

General cinema house rules

  • You may enter to cinema hall only with the valid cinema ticket.
  • You may consume in cinema halls only goods bought from cinema.
  • Smoking (including e-cigarette) in cinema is not allowed.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent.
  • Filming and making photos of movies is not allowed.
  • Please do not bother other visitors with chatting during the movie.
  • The bookings have to be bought out at least 30 minutes before the session to ensure the places.
  • The tickets and change money should be also controlled in cashier on spot, we are not please the later pretensions.
  • Cinamon will remain the right not to rebuy and change the cinema tickets in the reasons not caused by cinema.
  • The cinema ticket is only valid for the session showed in a ticket.
  • Cinamon staff remain the right to ask the personal ID.
  • Cinamon will remain the right not to sell the ticket to the persons who are not in accord with the age restrictions of the movies.
  • Cinamon will remain the right not to sell the cinema ticket with persons who has obvious alcohol intoxication or obvious problems with hygiene.
  • Cinamon recommend not to take babies to cinema hall- loud voice can harm baby health and baby cry can be annoying to other cinema visitors (except there are special screenings for young parents and babies).
  • Cinamons staff remain the right not to allow to cinema halls people with bikes, strollers, scooter, roller skates or other means of conveyance (except wheelchair).
  • Cinamon staff remain the right to take away cameras and food items bought outside. The items will be returned after the session.
  • With weapons, you are not allowed to enter the cinema!
  • Pets are not allowed in cinema hall- movie can scare them as well they can scare other people.
  • To remain the safety of cinema visitors, the staff remain the right to control the bags of the cinema visitors in any case of suspicion.
  • In case of fraud, Cinamon will remain the right to confiscate the cinema ticket and ask kindly to the person responsible on fraud, to leave the cinema. Cinema can remain the right not to sell those people tickets also in future.
  • Cinamon will remain the right to ask people, who are not following the present cinema regulations, to leave the cinema without returning any ticket money. In case of serious cases, staff has a right to call the police or security for a help.

Movie timings:

At all times, we try to ensure that movies start according to the schedule – there can be change in the schedule. In case of tickets are bought beforehands and change will happen, the clients will be informed beforehand.

There is advertisement block before the movie starts.

If a film showing is cancelled or its timing altered is not as said in schedule, the personnel of cinema will:

  • refund the cost of tickets bought
  • replace the tickets for the same movie at alternative time.

Clients need to follow the age ratings of the movies