Buying Cinema ticket

  • Payments for online CINAMON tickets are to be made through the Paysera.com payment system, which supports credit cards and internet banking of the Swedbank, SEB and Danske banks.
  • While buying tickets from web, the cinema program will offer you the best seats available that you can change accoring to your preferences. While you buy the tickets you agree with the seating.
  • In case You can not have a printing opportunity or opportunity to show the barcode, please write down the purchase number.
  • Tickets bought from Internet can be changed only in cases set down in terms and conditions. The money will be returned only in cases when the session will not happen due to the reasons of Cinema. In other cases there is opportunity to change the tickets at least 1h before the sessions (please send the letter with the payment confirmation to info@cinamon.ee or come and ask help from cashiers). The late wishes to change the tickets are not possible to satisfy.
  • While buying any discounted ticket, cinema staff remain the right to ask the document that ensure the discount
  • The prices have all taxes included.

Regulations for visiting cinema

  • You may enter to cinema hall only with the valid cinema ticket.
  • You may consume in cinema halls only goods bought from cinema.
  • Smoking (including e-cigarette) in cinema is not allowed.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent.
  • Filming and making photos of movies is not allowed.
  • Please do not bother other visitors with chatting during the movie.
  • The bookings have to be bought out at least 30 minutes before the session to ensure the places.
  • The tickets and change money should be also controlled in cashier on spot, we are not please the later pretensions.
  • Cinamon will remain the right not to rebuy and change the cinema tickets in the reasons not caused by cinema.
  • The cinema ticket is only valid for the session showed in a ticket.
  • Cinamon staff remain the right to ask the personal ID.
  • Cinamon will remain the right not to sell the ticket to the persons who are not in accord with the age restrictions of the movies.
  • Cinamon will remain the right not to sell the cinema ticket with persons who has obvious alcohol intoxication or obvious problems with hygiene.
  • Cinamon recommend not to take babies to cinema hall- loud voice can harm baby health and baby cry can be annoying to other cinema visitors. For babies we have special MILUPA BABYCINEMA SCREENINGS, read more HERE
  • Cinamons staff remain the right not to allow to cinema halls people with bikes, strollers, scooter, roller skates or other means of conveyance (except wheelchair).
  • Cinamon staff remain the right to take away cameras and food items bought outside. The items will be returned after the session.
  • With weapons, you are not allowed to enter the cinema!
  • Pets are not allowed in cinema hall- movie can scare them as well they can scare other people.
  • To remain the safety of cinema visitors, the staff remain the right to control the bags of the cinema visitors in any case of suspicion.
  • In case of fraud, Cinamon will remain the right to confiscate the cinema ticket and ask kindly to the person responsible on fraud, to leave the cinema. Cinema can remain the right not to sell those people tickets also in future.
  • Cinamon will remain the right to ask people, who are not following the present cinema regulations, to leave the cinema without returning any ticket money. In case of serious cases, staff has a right to call the police or security for a help.

All about 3D movie

  • for 3D effect, all visitors of 3D movie, will get special glasses. In other then 3D sessions, 3D glasses are useless.
  • After the session, we kindly ask you to return the glasses to cinema.
  • In case you feel the 3D glasses will not make any effect, please approach any staff member for changing glasses.
  • We kindly ask you to treat glasses with good care.
  • For the broken and lost glasses, cinema has a right to ask the penalty fee for 64 euros.
  • In case of epilepsy, we would rather recommend you regular 2D movies.