Online tickets

Payments for online CINAMON tickets are to be made through the Paysera.com payment system, which supports credit cards and internet banking of the Swedbank, SEB and Danske banks.

Please print your tickets and take them to the cinema. You can also show them on your smartphone screen at the entrance to the screening hall. If you present your tickets on paper or on the screen of an electronic device, you can proceed to the hall at once. If you have no opportunity to print the ticket or show it on the screen of you smartphone, please write down the ticket number and turn to the cinema’s ticket office.

In case of any problems with online tickets, please send an e-mail to  tasku@cinamonkino.com State the title of the film as well as the screening time, the amount of the payment for your tickets and the bank that you used to make the payment.

Cinema ticket office

During the cinema’s working hours, tickets to any film that id on at the moment can be bought in the ticket office provided that seats are available. Payments can be made in cash, by debit card or by credit card.

Gift cards:

Gift card is the perfect gift for a moviefriend- they can choose the movie they love in a most convenient time!

We are offering gift cards in values 5 and 10 euros that can be redeemed into movie tickets or snacks/drinks from cashier. If the tickets/bought goods are over the limit of the gift card, the difference in the sum will be paid by the client. If the tickets/bought  goods value is under the value of the gift card, the difference will not be returned in money.

Gift card is valid 12 months from the buying moment. The gift cards that has been expired or has not been used during the valid period, will not be compensated. Gift cards can only be used in cinema cashiers- buying in internet with gift card is not possible.

Ticket exchange

The tickets bought from Cinamon cinema can be changed only:

  • at least 1h before the session to the other movie
  • at least 1h before the session to the same movie, other session. The difference between the value of the tickets will be paid by the client.

Hall entrance

Viewers can enter the screening hall 10 minutes before the film starts. Hall doors re closed after the beginning of the film. If you are late, please turn to the cinema attendant personnel.

Cinema personnel may request the customer’s ID in case of the screening of a film with age rating.

Please keep your ticket until the end of the film.